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Professional-grade supplement products from more than 100 high-quality brands. 
You can log in to order now or wait for recommendations after a functional medicine visit with Jennie. After each visit you will receive a personalized protocol made to uniquely fit you and your situation.  


Professional-grade supplement products from more than 300 high-quality brands. You can search by supplement type or brand, compare prices from other similar products, and review ingredient listings.  After a functional medicine visit, if vitamins and supplements are part of your protocol, Jennie can put personalized supplement recommendations right on your account. At Fullscript you’ll find a wide variety of non-toxic and organic products now available, including: Animal Health, Herbs & Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care & Healthy Living, Vitamins & Minerals.

Products We Recommend

We take care in researching products to make sure they are safe for our families

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